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Self-Inking Stamps

The ideal stamp is a popular choice for customizable ink stamps. All of our Ideal stamps come as a self-inking stamp, perfect for quick and easy stamping that lasts for up to  10,000 impressions!

Customized self-inking stamps aren’t what they used to be. They have stepped up to an entirely different level. You won’t believe how far they have come.



Your entire business card can be imprinted for you to stamp on every documentation you send out of your office. Just like sending signatures in emails, stamp all of your correspondence with your business card. Make every communication count when people who receive your notices, letters, memos and everything else see your business logo, name and address every time.

It’s a great way of marketing yourself. Of course, you can simply send out letterhead that you have printed from a print shop or that you print out yourself in your printer. But, you can put your own customized stamp on everything. Make your message consistent with the stamp that goes on brochures, postcards, and anything else if you can put your name on it.

Customized self-inking stamps are as fast as it gets. They ink themselves which means that’s one less thing you have to do. If you are stamping a whole stack of correspondence, shave minutes off your time when you no longer have to ink the stamp every time. Plus, it saves money! When you ink a stamp, you have to regulate the ink on the stamp. Sometimes, it’s heavy. Other times, it’s light. Either, it bleeds or it fades. Fix that with a perfect stamp every time.

The technology is growing. Customized self-inking stamps have been brought into the new millennium with new ideas and different problems to solve. When you take a self-inking stamp for a test drive, you’ll see the difference and you can begin to explore the many uses you can have for them. Make your day much easier and your communications much more effective every time you send something out to your colleagues, clients or potential clients.


Tips: When Scanning for a signature stamp, use clean, non-ruled paper and black pen, preferably a gel pen or one that writes solid. Breaks in the writing appear as void areas in the stamp. Scan at 300 dpi or above for the best results.


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