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Name Tags

Name tags allow customers and clients to identify employees and an important turning point in turning a simple greeting into a sale. If you are looking for traditional custom name tags, name tags with logos, plastic name tags or metal name tags, we offer a professional solution for any budget or need. Ordering online for the largest name tag has been made easy. Select your materials, make your color choices, and add any other option you prefer.


We offer the latest technology and durable materials for high-quality laser engraved products. The first color listed indicates the color of the faceplate. The second color listed indicates the color of the lettering.

Classic Name Tags (No Logo)

  • Custom Name Tags: You can create a tag with the custom name to meet the specific needs of the vase. Select the size of the tag (standard sized or custom size), number of lines and reflect the text, materials, color and fonts.


Laser engraved creates a two-color metal name tag. The metal is 0.002 inches thick and it creates a thin, lightweight name tag.

SIZE: At JPS Prints we have different types of sizes:

1" x 3" 

1.5" x 3" 

2" x 3"

2" x 3" Oval


TYPESTYLES - We’ll engrave from your supplied file and the detail is remarkable. Just remember it’s engraving on the acrylic material. The more open the font, the happier you will most likely be with the final result. We don’t recommend using smaller than 8 point type; 12 points if it’s a script font.

LOGOS - We can engrave your logo at no additional cost as long as it is properly included in your file.

SCREENS & HALFTONES - We don’t recommend using them on engraved products.

SPECIAL SHAPES - Yes we can do special shapes! Contact us for more details.

SPECIAL COLORS OR FINISHES - The colors of materials shown are just the most popular offerings. If you have a specific color or texture in mind, just ask! There’s a good chance it’s available!