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Hang Tag

Hang tags are promotional materials that gains instant attention and recognition to your products. They can be attached to clothing and other items like toys, games, sports equipment, motorcycles, boats, novelties, electronics, and virtually anything else that can be placed on the floor of the show room or retail stand. Personalize your tags with your name and logo for a professional touch.

  • Top quality full colour printing
  • Vibrant gloss or elegant matte cardstock
  • Optional Hole Drilling
  • Strings are not included.

You can draw attention to sales and make the difference between buying one product over another, or even both! Like all marketing materials, Marketing hang tag is a science. You have to do it right to get results. We use thick 14-points gloss, 16-point C2S or 15-point gloss velvet finish paper stocks.

Types Hang Tags

  1. Circle Hang Tags
  2. Rectangle Hang Tags
  3. Die-cut Hang Tags
  4. Folded Hang Tags
  5. Rounded corner Hang Tags
  6. Half Circle Hang Tags
  7. Oval Hang Tags
  8. Leaf Hang Tags
  9. Single Rounded Corner Hang TagsFoil Hang Tags
  10. Gift Tags
  11. Retail Hang Tags
  12. Clothing Hang Tags

No detail is too small to be important in fact, all of the little details are what sets your company apart from your competitors. JPS Prints offers you, high quality hang tag printing to ensure you are able to showcase your products with appealing, professional, custom hang tags.

One of the most usual size options for hang tags is the 2”x 2” square tags because, it is the perfect size to add a garment while the rest include 2”x 3.5” vertical , 2” x 4”, 2x 6” vertical, 3.25” x 4” folded vertical, 2” x 7.5” vertical.

No matter the method you use to design your hang tags, your order will be printed on premium paper stocks using top-quality ink. You cam choose from three hole positions to ensure that hang tag hangs exactly how you would like on your products and clothing items.

Order from 200 up to 100, 000 prints and have them printed in 3 to 5 business days. Just browse and download your files to place the order. JPS printing makes a quick turn, local selection, 24 hour service. Contact us for a unique touch.






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