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Flyers are like water; it spreads easily and can therefore be considered an effective promotional medium, whether used for a brand, business or event. These promotional materials are easy to distribute and reach a wide range of audience with less effort. Make your message unique and exceptional dynamic with our impressions.

Vibrant, high gloss flyers are one of the richest marketing tools. You can post them everywhere, share them at events, distribute from counters, pack them in sales letters, have them as a sign of trade shows and more.


There are different types of flyers you can choose to work with.

  • Business flyers with numerous folding and paper options, are ideal for professional functions and hand-outs
  • Promotional flyers thia are flyers with personalized size options and quality papers, for most events and high-impact marketing
  • Event and club flyers this includes ultra-high shiny coating and custom size choices, are suitable for large, inexpensive graphics

Whatever type of flyer you need, we've got you covered. Business flyers, like brochures, are excellent when folded, more complex piece is needed. Promotional flyers allow a range of custom sizes on a large selection of premium papers, including smooth 15-point velvet stock, ultra-thick 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled matte for the eco-conscious. For maximum visual impact, event and club flyers include a two-sided, super high-gloss UV coating, which is sure to give you more attention.

At, customers can choose from our different flyer sizes and orientations:

  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 8.5" x 14"
  • 11" x 17"

Order from 200 to 10,000 prints and have them printed in 2 to 5 business days.  The more the copies the better your work. Just navigate and upload your file to place an order. At JPS print we do quick turnaround, local pick, 24hrs service. Contact us for a unique touch on printing.

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