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The Calendar is another way of presenting your business to your client. The idea of helping them to properly start the year by giving out customized calendars has a lot of impact on their business and your business too.

Its advantages includes:

  •  Increase customer loyalty with custom calendars
  • An excellent marketing tol for any business unit.




The coating could be UV coating or Gloss Aqueous Coating depending on what you want for your calendars.

  1. UV Coating

Is a transparent coating that provides the highest gloss effect to your print product. Provides  great clarity and protects your product. UV coating also improves durability of your product as it goes through mail or inserted pockets.

  1. Gloss Aqueous Coating

This povides a subtle semi-gloss finish to your print product. It is resistant to stains and fingerprints and does not turn yellow with time. Aqueous coating also improves durability of your product as it goes through mail or inserted in pockets.

The last part of the calendar includes the hole drilling and saddle stitching. At your request, we can drill holes if necessary for your product. Typical diameters for the holes are 3/16”, 5/16” and 1/4”.

Saddle-stitching knows as stapling through the centrefold helps to join a set of folded sheets into a single booklet or catalogue. 

We offer three types of calendars namely:

  • Wall calendars
  • Poster calendars
  • Card calendars

The importance of each of these calendars cannot be ignored because, they have their different functions and importance.

Wall calendars are the most common type, which only shows one month at a time and some graphics items or product related to the company with paid advertisement in it. It consists of several pages associated with the wired or network connection. Size of about 12” x 12”

Card calendars are posters showing a year on a sheet of paper or cardboard. We offer them in standard postcard size and poster size respectively. Calendar cards sometimes are made to sit at office tables, creating a greater awareness for customers who visit the office regularly. It is available in standard and custom sizes.

Poster calendars have a different look. For those who do not want more pages like calendars, you can do it with this.

It is used to provide attractive and creative designs that is related to your business make your stand unique brand. It comes with a variety sizes. From 8.5” x 11” to 27” x 39”.

Order from 200 to 10, 000 prints and have them printed in 2 to 5 business days.  The more the copies the better your work. Just navigate and upload your file to place an order. At JPS print we do quick turnaround, local pick, 24hrs service. Contact us for a touch of excellence.


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