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Business Card

It is our mission at JPS print, to print your business cards with the best quality. We do this by using quality materials and methods, and deliver you exactly when you need it.

Nothing could be more important than your business card as a mental transaction. There is something about the feel, shape and graphics used only for your business card. Our concern is excellence. We bring this small piece of paper that can be replaced by a digital program. You can take a second and the recipient does not lose. High-quality business cards not only extend its brand, but it will help to seal the deal too with Just one touch. At JPS Print, our goal could is to be a real treat on every occasion.

The Card

2" x 3.5", as well as additional and custom sizes. Durable, high quality 14 pt., 16 pt., and 17 pt. Cardstocks are available with your choice of coating.

Types of Business Cards

  • Standard business card
  • Square business card
  • Rounded corner business card
  • Leaf business card
  • Slim Business card
  • Sandwich Cards

Sandwich cards

- Even more, durable, and thicker than our bread and butter is our 15pt stock. We think it is too good not to share this attractive card without you. So choose from single-color insert or pair in black, blue, Dk. green, Lt. green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, blue-gray, white or yellow to attract your customer’s attention. If you are looking for a unique way to brand your business card, then you should visit.

Feed your brand to introduce your business to your client. When you adjust the shape, size and style that fits your business, which serves as an introduction to their professional prospects and customers - and being professional never gets old. There is something in this little piece of paper that can be replaced by a digital program. You can grab it in a second, and the receiver will not lose it in their phone or a black hole that is the cloud. High-quality business cards not only expand your brand, but it will help to seal the deal too.

So whatever business you run, we have a particular type of card that can promote your business idea or organization. JPS uniqueness is our concern.

Order from 200 up to 100, 000 prints and have them printed in 3 to 5 business days. Just browse and download your files to place the order. JPS printing makes a quick turn, local selection, 24-hour service. Contact us for a unique touch.

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